What does our group do?

Our group has as the main display the 1st Battalion of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division. Depending on the type of event we can perform combatduties in the field or a view of life on a small or larger base with different tasks and functions as guard duty, kitchen duty or administrative duties as a headquarters & headquarters company unit. But if necessary we are able to portray other units attached to the 1st Cavalry Division in the Republic of Vietnam. For example the 545th Military Police Company, 227th or 229th Aviation Battalion, ...

Our timeperiod for most events will be between late 1967 till early 1969. But we strive as a group to be able to perform duties from the last trimester of 1965 when the 1st Cavalry entered South-Vietnam till the fall of Saigon in 1972 with a variety of uniforms and equipment from that timeframe. 

What we do on events depends on the area and the display were set up. Although on every event there will be put aside time to train and work on foot and weapondrill and also there will be moments where certain techniques will be learned (fieldstripping weapons and cleaning, correct use of radio-equipment, first aid, handsignals, combat techniques and so on. On the side of that members will perform all kinds of tasks that were done on bases and in the field. For example soldier of the watch or soldier of the guard which are tasked with fire safety and entrance control of the compound, kitchenduties where soldiers will be tasked to cook or clean up regarding to joint meals for the entire unit, administrative duties assisting the cadre with documents and maps. 

You as a member of our group can be sleeping in all kinds of ways over the days of the event. Depending on the event, display and surroundings it is  possible you will be sleeping in the field with the shelter of a poncho and a sleepingbag during a combat patrol or a puptent, besides this it is possible you can sleep in larger tents fit for more then 2 soldiers on sleepingcots or if possible in old style buildings on cots or in military style beds. To keep all as realistic as possible for the visitors of the events all modern day equipment will be placed out of sight. 

As for food there is also a different array of how we are able to eat. Some events there will be meals from the eventorganiser, on other events there will be a kitchendetail set up for the group where members cook for the entire group present for joint meals. As for combat / field meals we are working on reproduction Meal, Combat Individual boxes with 12 meals per box.


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