Rules & Regulations:

Timeframe and look of our re-enactments:

When the group was founded we had to make up our minds on which unit we would be displaying and what our major timeframe would be. We decided to portray on the most of our events the 1st Battalion of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, 3rd Brigade. This unit served in Vietnam from september 1965 till several months in 1972. Because of the large difference of uniforms between 1965 and 1972 we opted on the smaller timeframe of the later part of 1967 to the early part of 1969. But it can be possible for our members to also act as members of advisory teams as early as 1964 or as the last troops "in-county" up to 1972. Also there is the possible option that we could display other units of the 1st Cavalry Division, attached units to the division or units from other divisions as location or type of event could change the need. For those impressions it could be possible to set up display as: Military Police, Headquarters units, Motorpool/Transport units, Helicoptercrews, and so on.


The use of weapons for the male members of our group is divided at this point in two sections. This is formed due to the different laws around weapons in Belgium and the Netherlands. 

for the Belgian events we will mainly be using Airsoft replica's that are property of the members but have been placed in storage in Belgium at the location of one or more of our Belgian members. Our Belgian members are allowed to use of those replica's named as "alarm"-weapons. These items require a special stamped mark (BEL-stamp) on the weapon to certify they are made to look similar to an actual weapon but can not fire any live ammunition but only blank-fire ammunition. 
the Netherlands:

For events in the Netherlands we will use at this present time blank firing weapons we will rent from a special rental company that also delivers these to movies and plays. (This pertains to the standard M16 rifle and other specific Vietnam era weapons that are very hard to come by.) Those members that have these types of weapons on a furlow that are also used in other timeperiods (example: Colt M1911A1 pistol, M1 Garand sniper, M1 Carbine, ...) that can be used within the group are allowed to use these as the law in the Netherlands prescribes. 

At this time we have stated that due to the rental cost of blank firing weapons we will do 1 event where there will be a combat display with the use of these blank firing weapons, at most 2 of these events where they will be spread over longer period of time apart but this will be decided by the members of the group. 

Also there is the use of knives, pocketknives and bayonets. These items are vital to our display and personal gear to look the part of a real American soldier during the Vietnam War. These knives should be handled with care as these can be dangerous. It is forbidden to place any knife of bayonet on any weapon without the safety of a scabbard. The placing of the bayonet on the weapon (with scabbard in place) will only be allowed for specific demonstrative use after the cadre has approved the demonstration. As these items are no toys and can be dangerous they are to be used in a careful manner and be put in their proper holsters while not in use.


Personal hygiene is a basic need for any group living together for several days and or nights. There might not always be the availability of hot running water and showers (can be found at bigger events) but as we re-enact military life we can surely think of several ways to tend to some personal hygiene. This pertains to oral hygiene and hygiene of those bodyparts that need good care (feet, armpits, genital region,...)

Haircuts and facial hair:

The haircut during that time varied on the type of soldier and on the time spent "in-country". Those soldiers who portray men just arriving in Vietnam as a new soldier or returning on further "tours" will have nicely trimmed and correct military haircuts, the others who have been there for a while can be seen with a little bit longer hair. This does not state that long hair, braids or other strange haircuts or specific colors are allowed. It needs to be correct for the period of the Vietnam War. For more on this subject you can find out more at the cadre or in military manuals of that period. Facial hair for men is also a difficult subject. The men in the field on combat operations would not always have the time to shave so it is allowed for members to have a "3-day" stubble, full beards are not allowed nor are special design beards who are shaved in a special way. A mustache is allowed if it is neatly kept and does not exceed the corners of the mouth. Side-burns are allowed if they do not stand out too much.


As we portray the life of a soldier during the vietnam war you as a member should be aware of the duties and tasks that need to be performed on a daily or event basis. All members will be asked to perform certain duties (guard, kitchen duty, clean-up, running errands, performing drill, weapon maintenance, and so on) if there might be a problem to perform these duties you can speak about this to the cadre and they will find a solution for and with you. If everyone does his / her piece of the tasks it will all work much faster and better. 

Also as we portray soldiers you have to bear in mind there is a chain of command structure in place there where people follow orders from those with higher rank. It is not so that the cadre will "order" any tasks that are not tasks they would not do themselves. They are given with reason, but if you do not agree with something you can ask the cadre member to step aside for a private conversation and explain the problem pertaining your given tasks.  It can not be good for the display on events when you act out against the chain of command structure in place on the event. All disagreements can be talked about aside from the public.

Code of conduct:

we expect all members to behave as adults and that they uphold the rules of common decency. If it may so happen that a member would act improper they will be given a warning about the conduct. May it be the case of several acts of misbehavior this could result in ending the membership.

If there should be a problem between members it is their obligation to speak this out among themselves or if this is not possible to try and smooth things out with the help of a cadremember.

If there might be a problem with people outside of the group the member should immediately contact the coördinator or the chairman so that they can try and work out any problems there may rise. As we work together as a team or unit certain tasks will be put in your hands to perform. If there is a problem with one of the tasks given to you, you can state this to the coördinator at the event so we can find a way to get the task performed by you or another member. 
It is meant to be a hobby and fun for everyone but certain things need to be done on events and other gatherings that can be less fun for some members.


As this is a hobby pertaining to the 1960's between 1965 and 1972, more specific the timeline between 1967 and 1969 only politics for that era are to be discussed during the events. All politics pertaining the current affairs of the world should be left outside the events. Racist behavior is also something we can not allow to happen, if racist words or behavior are noticed the member will be warned about this or in case the behavior is of extreme proportion the member can be dropped from membership.

Alcohol & druguse:

Above all others the laws of the countries where the events are held are to be followed on the rules and regulations about the use of alcohol and soft-drugs. Next to the official laws of the country there are the own regulations that the groupmembers need to abide by. It is so that during the hours of the display by our unit it is not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks or use any allowed drugs in that country. The use of alcohol or drugs can not be seen as adult behavior or safe behavior under arms. Operation vehicles or using weapons after consuming alcohol or drugs can not be allowed by the cadre. Any violation on this code needs to be reported immediately to the cadre. If this sort of indecent behavior may threaten the good work of the group it can result in a cancellation of the membership.
Only prescribed medicinal drugs can be used at events, if this medication has an effect on your abilities you are to notify the cadre before or at the start of the event. 


We ask our rank carrying members to be present at 2 events every year and our non-rank carrying members to be present at 1 event every year as a minimum. If there are problem pertaining active membership for a while you need to contact the cadre and explain the reasons why you have to tone down your membership to an inactive state. It is normal that when members may encounter important changes in their lives the time to keep up the hobby in the first months or year after this change might be difficult. For example, marriage, childbirth, military operations for active duty soldiers/sailors/airmen, higher education, and so on.


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