Requirements for membership:

- All candidates need to be of the age of 18 or above to become candidate members of the group.

- All candidate members need to provide a formal document stating they are of good conduct.

- All candidates need to provide a motivation as to why they want to join our group and also pertaining to why they have an interest in this timeperiod. 

After this registration as a candidate member you will be monitored for an entire year and a minimum of 2 events before becoming a full member. If the cadre feels they haven't really seen anything from the candidate member of they haven't been on at least 2 events this period can be extended. 

At the end of this candidate period you will also be tested on knowledge of the timeperiod, the unit we portray and the items we use (clothing, weapons, gear,...) 

Also the candidate member has to have the basic gear of the regular soldier of our group to comply with all standards that can be found in the page pertaining to "Basic Equipment". 

For members of other re-enactmentgroups from the same period or other periods we have some extra questions.

Those questions are: 
- number of years of experience within the world of re-enactment and in what groups and timeperiods. (And if those are LPLG groups?)

- current memberships to other groups?

- If you have a blankfiring weapon in need of a furlow, also state type and timeperiod if it can be used for Vietnam War.


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