Basic Equipment: (needed as a full member)

Uniform and equipment:


* Jungle boots  (vibram or panama sole)

* Green combat socks 

* Trousers, Jungle (1)

* Green T-shirt or tanktop shirt

* Shirt, Jungle (1)

* M1 helmet with mitchell leaf pattern cover

* Baseball cap (for use while not under arms)

(1): We recommend to new members the 2nd pattern jungle fatigues if they have to order the reproduction uniform. But a set of 3rd pattern jungle fatigues is also allowed. The 1st pattern jungle fatigues were not so much seen anymore by 1968.

Equipment: Items used are the M1956 Load carrying equipment and not later versions of the M1967 variant. 

* Pistolbelt

* H-suspenders

- 2 Canteenpouches with canteens and at least one canteencup

- Buttpack

- Compas / First Aid pouch

- 2 Magazine pouch for the M16A1

- M7 bayonet with M8A1 scabbard

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